Jeff Lansdell

Jeff Lansdell started with racing go-karts at 10 years old and then began to change his focus to drifting. Going out to local grassroots drift events starting in 2009, by being a fast learner he picked up the sport fairly easy. Now competing and going into his 6th year of drifting, he will be in the Formula Drift Pro-Am Top Drift and other series as well as local out reach events. Being involved in the pro-am series and sharing a similar sponsor, Pro Drifter Joon Maeng reached out to Jeff and gave him the opportunity to work for his team for the Formula Drift season. In return, was taught many skills of setting up a drift car, learning how a car reacts to different settings, learning what it takes to run a professional team, and being able to use what was taught from Joon. Jeff has been able to use them for his own car and having Joon help advance his driving skills as well. Going into his 3rd year of being involved in Formula Drift and for the first time as crew chief for Joon, it is going to be an exciting year of drifting. Jeff is looking forward to working with Spec Drift for the 2015 season helping everyone out to learn the essentials needed for becoming a successful driver and drifter.

Instagram: @jefflansdell